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Material Options for a New Roof

Your roof is at the receiving end of a lot of things. Unforgiving heat. Vicious storms. Strong winds. Well, everything under the sun, basically.


And, our dear readers— it is brutal!


There’s a lot of factors determining the performance of your roof through the years, right? And let’s be honest. The odds aren’t exactly in their favor. 


One day, sooner or later (real sooner, if your roof simply isn’t right for your home), your roof will deteriorate— and it would be too late to turn back the effects. Bam! The prompt end of its serviceable life.


So before a roof installation, instead of going for whatever anyone tells you— you should look up the implications of each type yourself. Pick one that’s best for your home and your area. 


Unfortunately though, it’s not exactly easy to know which roof material you should use, right off the bat. You need a little research, and the expert opinions of your roofers or your chosen roofing company (they know the area best!)


We at Roofing Edmond, dedicate ourselves to help you get the dream roof you never even knew you needed! So, we’ll give you a rundown of the best material options for your new roof. 


Asphalt Shingles


You probably had one of these bad boys in one of your living places at least once. This is the most widely used roofing material in the United States.


And it’s a good choice for your roof— all things considered. It’s economical, easy to install, and comes in a variety of colors. It can even be reinforced with fiberglass!


Although, its quality isn’t exactly guaranteed. It also has a shorter lifespan, 20-25 years or so. No insulation, too. But at least it’s fairly inexpensive, anyway.


Metal Roofing


Metal roofs are applied in areas with extreme weather conditions. It’s lightweight and very, very durable. It can be made from a variety of metals like copper or zinc— and it comes in 2 types: panels and shingles. 


Yeah, it’s a bit on the pricier side— but seeing that it could last up to 40-75 years, it’s honestly a steal.


Plastic Polymer Roofing


Plastic polymers look like slate shingles, more and so. The plastic is created to hang tough (like 50+ years strong), so it’s extremely durable— and can hold its own in severe weather conditions. It’s a just bonus that it has insulation, and is recyclable like metal roofing. 


Slate Roofing


Slate roofing has been a popular choice for many homeowners. It’s heavy, yes— quite expensive too, and requires additional framing; but it’s one of the best for a reason.


Slate offers a distinctive elegance to every home— and doubled with the fact that it’s toughened, long-lasting and fire-resistant? It’s an amazing, naturally-occuring, energy efficient material that has long been used. And it can last for 75-150 years. Even more if it’s properly installed!


For all your roofing needs, you should only choose the best roofer for the job. We’re Edmond Roofing, the top roofing company in Oklahoma. We’ll help you make your dream roof, into a reality! With only the best materials, we’ll do your roof installations in a breeze!

Home Services

Benefits of Hiring Home Cleaning Services

In the event that you’ve ever attempted to clean a commercial work environment by yourself at that point, you’ll know that it could be a troublesome and requesting errand and it can end up looking ‘not very right’. Typically since in spite of your best endeavours, it is still lost the proficient touch.

Contracting a cleaning service to clean your home can make your life simpler and soothe you of the day by day chores. You may now not get to stress approximately making time to induce chores done amid your active day. Once you assign the cleaning obligations to a cleaning benefit, there’s no have to spend time cleaning, washing or vacuuming. Besides cleaning your domestic for you, proficient cleaners give you with wellbeing benefits that incorporate killing hypersensitivities, expelling clean bugs, and accomplishing a more profound clean. There’s no require for you to stress approximately shape and mould since servants will know how to annihilate microbes.

1- Healthier Environment

It is clearly way better to breathe sound, clean discuss. Shockingly, the nearness of soil, clean, allergens, pet dander and other unfortunate contaminants will construct up over time, always circulated by your HVAC framework — and after that are breathed in. More seasoned homes posture the hazard of introduction to asbestos fibres and lead clean, alongside other pathogens. An exhaustive, proficient cleaning is a critical calculate in keeping your indoor discuss new, clean, and solid. Residential carpet cleaning, region mats, discuss channel cleaning, wraps, blinds, and upholstered furniture all draw in clean and soil. These must be frequently cleaned to maintain a strategic distance from buildup, by expelling imbued earth and tidy, as well as profound stains within the filaments. Past making your home and furniture show up soiled, movements and impacts discharge contaminants into the discussion, including to the issue. They utilize the foremost progressed forms and hardware for a routinely planned profound cleaning. Make strides your indoor discuss quality for a healthier home.

2- Time Saving  

Typically, a major reason why you might need to pay a proficient to clean your house for you. It gives you expanded free time! Instead of investing a few hours each week cleaning your house, you’ll instep spend this time on things you’ve got been putting off. Maybe you don’t have something particular that should be done, but cleaning is still not something you need to do. You may at last have time to rest and unwind. Catching up on a few rests can donate you expanded vitality for future assignments.

3- Increase in Productivity  

Getting the cleaning duty out of the way gives you mental clarity and permits you to fair centre on the things you wish to require care of. Expanded efficiency empowers you to focus on greater objectives and the things you need to achieve in your life, instead of freaking out almost littler tasks as a cleaning service. Getting this distraction out of the way and taking care of the work to a few of the foremost prepared and apt experts within the industry gives you the much-needed peace of intellect and centres your intellect on more critical assignments ahead. 


Tuckpointing: Why is it Necessary?

Bricks. We know them. We see them. A lot. Heck, we might even have a brick wall structure ourselves! And they’re pretty cool, to be honest. Bricks can last you a century. Yes! 100 years and they’re still pretty acceptable. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for mortar that’s holding them together.

That’s where tuckpointing comes into the picture.

But what exactly is tuckpointing?

To put it simply (we also got a headache when we first heard of this too), I’ll give you a rundown.

  1. Masons clear the original mortar that’s basically falling to pieces. If it’s 25-30 years in the making, then it’s understandable- and very necessary.
  2. After that, they fill the joints (which are the gaps between the bricks, you’re welcome) with   new mortar! The color will be the same to that of the bricks. You know… to give it a sleek finish, ya get me?
  3. Lastly, the masons apply a layer of putty between the gaps of the bricks.

That’s it. Pretty straightforward, am I right?

So, the question is– why do we need it? What’s so important about it that you’re taking the time to read it?

Let me just say it. Right off the bat. It looks good. It really looks good. And what’s the harm in a little visual appeal? Your property would be striking, to say the least. Even if you’ve had those brick walls for some decades now, with tuckpointing– trust us. It’s gonna look good as new. Restored beautiful masonry. Need we say more?

Of course we do. First off, protection. This is basic stuff. Tuckpointing is a repair procedure as much as it is an aesthetic process. To ensure the stability of a brick structure- it. Is. Of. Utmost. Importance. Seriously. You don’t want your brick collapsing on you in just a couple of years.

Remember that thing we said about mortar joints? The one where we said it’s practically falling apart? Well, good news. Tuckpointing can help stop that from happening. Ya know, just casually saving it from corrosion and stuff. No big deal. All in a day’s work.

Tuckpointing prevents water from finding its way into the system. Why?Can’t bricks handle a little water?* Time, and nature, break down everything. And by everything, we mean the mortar. Bricks can last pretty long, but mortars will ultimately wear away, especially from water. With mold and mildew growing in the corners. Yuck. You see where I’m getting at?

Gateway City Tuckpointing Co.

Lastly, a question. What would you choose- a full demolition and reconstruction, or a tuckpoint? Unless you’re super duper rich, you’d pick the latter. Why waste any money when you can just tuckpoint? It works just as well. And it won’t break the bank.

If (brick) walls could talk, they’ll tell you to do them a favor and call a tuckpointing service. Stat. So what are you waiting for? Bricks actually talking? Let’s not let it get to that, and tuckpoint while we still can. Before it gets beyond repair, call a professional now.


Tree Removal: Is it Time to Say Goodbye?

Throughout the years, trees have played a vital part in the build-up of our natural ecosystem. They still do, up to this day. Without trees, human life would simply cease to exist. 


These perennial plants are held in high regard by environmentalists, as they truly do deserve the utmost recognition for their contribution in making the atmosphere here on Earth a better one. They could also serve as an additional aesthetic if you want your backyard to flourish with crisp, green leaves and thick, mahogany woods. 


Just like us, a tree must also be well-sought of by its gardener. It would be ideal to harrow them strong and mighty, so that they could be less susceptible to any form of infestive bugs and weather damage. Otherwise, it might become disease-stricken. And when it does, a consultation from a verified arborist will be needed. 


Tree surgeons may unveil certain issues within the process such as visible decay in specific segments of the tree which indicates that it is no longer receiving the nutrients it requires to stay healthy, hence the necessity for tree removal.


The question is, how does one know if a tree is finally ready to be removed?


Worry not, for this article will provide you with every bit of information you’ll need concerning tree removal.


1) Does it attract pests?


Surely, a tree that is in good shape would not be infested with species of ants, termites, or other harmful bugs. So if you spot your tree becoming a well-known attraction for any of these insects, you might have to start getting concerned about the welfare of your plant.


 Perhaps it’s time that your tree must be removed.


2) Is it severely damaged?


Trees go through a lot too. They endure heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, quite possibly a highly destructive tornado, numerous times amidst their lifetime. They can’t always stand tall after sustaining such horrendous weather conditions. Trees have their limits too. 


You can check your tree for any indicators of dangling twigs, branches that appear to be falling off, or sunburns and ask professional help from a tree expert in assessing the current situation of your tree. 


If the severity demands immediate tree removal, contact an arborist.


3) How old is my tree?


Depending on the type of tree you chose, the longevity of its lifespan may vary. Although the majority of trees can withhold a lengthy amount of time rooted in the bumpy soil, the time may come where it will become brittle and eventually fall. A crumply trunk is dangerous and could claim lives. 


Ask yourself and do some research. If you find your tree to have reached its golden stage, then maybe it’s time to let your arborist know.

Tree Removal in Columbia, MO

4) Where is my tree located?


Its placement should also be planned beforehand, as its gigantic roots may wreak havoc into neighboring homes. 


To conclude this, getting a tree is a massive liability and these are only a few signs you should heed. Trees don’t live forever. No matter how good you take care of them, trees are also living things. They also die. No one wants a dead tree.


With that, tree expunction is the only thing left to do to keep the vegetation clean! 


Installing a New Concrete Patio: Hiring a Pro

Patios are a key factor towards the beautification of your own home. There is no better household structure to take great pride in than an exceptionally-constructed patio. The presence alone of a patio in your humble abode gives off the welcoming vibe whenever you ask visitors to come over for a casual BBQ. It makes the air seem warmer and cozier, thus luring people in with its charismatic appearance.

Having one has its pros, however, it also has its cons.

Building a patio is not that easy. There are tons of elements to consider when talking about patio installation.

This article will tackle the core concepts everyone should keep in mind when installing a patio.


Think of its exterior design. How would you visualize the outcome of your very own personalized patio according to your desires? The scenery reflects you in a way, so think about it carefully! People will most likely associate your persona to the scheme of your porch. 

What do you want to do with it? Patios can serve a lot of purposes. They can be a little safe space for mischievous, up-to-no-good kids that would run laps everyday. Or maybe you just want it to be an extension for miscellaneous activities. If one makes these reasons a basis for the architecture, patio installation may come off more complex than usual. 

However, know that it is always up to you and you are accustomed to every detail of it! 

Budget, budget, budget. Sure, installing a patio has its gifts and wonders, but it may also take a toll on your wallet if you make a rash decision. 

Sugarcoating things never does anyone good. To be blunt, not everybody can afford patios because the amount per square meter alone is already costly. Reevaluate the cash you have in hand before getting in touch with a constructional company. 

If it exceeds the maximum threshold for your budget, you can always skim through the internet for more options and cheaper prices. 

Remember: everything is, and will always be in your hands. 

Position and size. This can either be a breath of fresh air, or a nuisance if done in a completely wrong way.

Position and size are one of the most important factors to ponder on before building a patio. You want a sun-speckled bubble to relax in? Or do you crave for the shades instead so you could read a good book without having to squint your eyes? The position matters. And so does the size! 

If you just want somewhere to lounge in, it might be best if you keep the space at a minimum. Deciding on having an unnecessarily vast patio may do more harm than good in the long run, especially if your pockets are dry.   

To summarize, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to installing a new patio. It’s advisable to talk it out with an expert so you could figure out the aspects and details of your deck and ensure nothing but only the best quality for your home. 


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